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The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. In nice condition. Has a blade front iron post with a rear adjustable sight. Has a nice orginal leather sling. Mauser marked magazine.

Mauser Rifles German For Sale

The right rear side of the buttstock is stamped with the There is a hairline crack on left side of forend. The barrel is stamped KAL. Original blue finish, mounted in a hardwood stock. Copy of the U. M1 Carbine in 22 caliber long rifle. Fixed front sight. No rear sight. The front sight is a fixed blade and the rear is a tangent style graduated to meters. The front sight is a ramped blade and the rear sight is a tangentgraduated to 50 meters.

The front sight is a ramped blade and the rear is a tangent graduated to meters. The left side of the barrel is stamped KAL. The front sight is ramped blade and the rear is a tangent graduated to meters The left side of the barrel is marked KAL Simpson collection.

The metal finish is very nice. The barrel has a ramped front blade sight. The rear is a tangent graduated to meters. The left side of the barrel is This Presentation trainer is from The Robert C. The metal finish is excellent. The barrel has a ramped front The rifle has a mismatch bolt. The metal condition is very good condition. The front sight is a ramped blade and the rear is a tangent graduated to The metal finish is in very good condition with slight thinning on the front of the barrel.

The front sight is a ramped The barrel is marked KAL. The top of the chamber has the The front sight is a ramped blade and the rear is a tangent style graduated to meters. The left side of the barrel has the serial It has a Haenel Arrow Logo under the bolt Front sight is a ramped blade and the rear is a tangent graduated to meters.

The top of the barrel is stamped. The barrel has.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 27 of Thread: Mauser Patrone. Join Date Dec Posts 2, Mauser Patrone. Hello gents I have come across an interesting Mauser. I only have these couple of pics, and apologise for the quality It is a single shot.

Das Original

The bolt release is the same as the K98 I have, in fact the bolt looks like a scaled down version of the K The woodwork looks to be in good condition, the barreled action is so good I fear it may have been reblued, but I cannot be sure with the limited time I had to look in poor light. Wondering if anyone can fill me in on this with the little info I have at hand. What could I expect to pay, I am in Aust. After a bit of in depth googling I have worked out this rifle looks to be an ESB.

I am now pretty sure the finish is original on both stock and metalwork. Apparently the serial number gives away all it's secrets in Jon Speeds book on Mauser small bores. It's a bit hard to make out the first digit of the serial number in the pics, but if anyone has the book and can check for me I would appreciate the input.

Some idea of value and age would be good to.

Mauser. 22lr rifle in india

TIA Brad.Besides many other firearms, we have included a review of the Mauser M12 in the bolt-action hunting rifles category. This article gives you the lowdown on the price, specs and characteristics of the hunting rifle. Class 2 wood costs an extra Benjamin Franklin. The comb is straight and comes with a German cheek rest, a Prince of Wales pistol grip and a not excessively hard butt pad.

Overall there are twelve standard calibers available, from. The manufacturer claims that the Magnum magazine holds four rounds. The removable polymer magazine in the. The beautifully soft bolt guided each of them into position without a hitch. A U-shaped rear sight and a highly visible bead-shaped front sight in silver are suitable alternatives to other aiming devices when hunting moving game.

The roller bearings on the inside of the new three-position safety ensure silent operation. It is also easy to reach and clearly marked. Overall the weapon has an extremely distinguished look, is well-finished and balanced. Features : Six lug action, walnut shaft with German cheek rest and pistol grip, removable magazine, open sights, holes for mounts. Values in parentheses after elimination of one outlier. No frills, accurate finishes only where they are really needed, no elegant but expensive solutions that can be replaced with others without reducing effectiveness.

mauser 22lr rifle

This Mauser M18 has everything you really need for hunting. With a price tag of just USD, the new M18 is an affordable, no-frills hunting rifle with many good qualities. Equipped with a cold-hammered barrel with sub-MOA precision guaranteed and synthetic stock, it's also available in many different calibers.

This article tells you about the price, specs and characteristics of this classical hunting rifle. In Europe this hunting rifle is available since last year. In USA it celebrated premiere. Here is an overview of the new products. The team of all4hunters. The polymer magazine glides smoothly into the hand after pressing the release in front of the stock.

The bolt on the M12 locks in the barrel with three lugs in a row. Immediately noticeable: the marking points for the safety catch and the cocked firing pin enclosed by a red circle. The lever on the three-position safety moves silently and is easy to adjust. Its axle is mounted on roller bearings. The curvature on the system receiver is identical to the Mauser Hunting with the Mauser M12 rifle. Watch the Mauser M12 in action:. This video has been hidden because of an external service YouTube that could potentially collect personal data.

Allow video services for the duration of the visit Allow video services Stop allowing video services. Rating Points Accuracy max.

mauser 22lr rifle

Subscribe to the Newsletter. This advertising is hidden because a third party Revive AdServer could potentially collect personal data. Show once.Order by:. Available to:. Can be installed on all K98 Mauser type rifles.

mauser 22lr rifle

Including Yugo M48s. Calibrated for scope with Condition is new. Ready to install, complete with screws. Please check out our other. Can combine shipping. Terms and conditions: item is guaranteed to be as stated. Contact must be made within 3 days and payment must be received within 10 days of auction close. Or item will be relisted and claim filed. Any questions just ask. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

Swedish mauser rifle leather sling and front sight hood m96 m38 6. Powered by Frooition Pro Shop Search. Click to close full size. Item Description. All Steel construction and excellent quality.Their line of bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic pistols has been produced since the s for the German armed forces. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mauser designs were also exported and licensed to many countries which adopted them as military and civilian sporting firearms.

Originally located partly at Ludwigsburg and partly in Christophsthal, the factory was transferred to Oberndorf in the former Augustine Cloister.

Das Original

Andreas Mauser was the master gunsmith there. His older brother Wilhelm assumed many of his father's duties as he became ill.

mauser 22lr rifle

His brother Wilhelm was four years older. Another brother, Franz Mauser, went to America in with his sister and worked at E. Peter Paul was conscripted in as an artilleryman at the Ludwigsburg arsenal, where he worked as a gunsmith.

By December he had so impressed his superiors that he was placed on inactive military service and assigned to the royal factory at Oberndorf. Paul engaged his older brother Wilhelm in working on a new gun system in their spare time after work.

Paul was the engineer and designer but Wilhelm took on the task of manager for their interests with the Oberndorf factory. Paul's first invention was a cannon and its ammunition.

During his entire career he had a unique ability to produce both the gun and the ammunition for it. Paul and Wilhelm had separated due to differences during this time.

After Paul developed a new turning bolt design Wilhelm was impressed enough to rejoin the business and succeeded in obtaining the financing to purchase machinery and continue development.

While the original needle gun used a pin that pierced the base of the cartridge to ignite the primer in the middle, Mauser soon developed a needle that ignited the charge at the base, a superior design. Locally the Dreyse needle gun had just been adopted so the brothers turned to the Austrian ambassador to try to sell their gun. He forwarded their new gun to Vienna for testing.

It was here that American Norris of the Remington company saw the new Mauser rifle design. In Norris hired the Mauser brothers to go to Luttich to work on a new design. He also stipulated that patents were to be taken out in his name and that a royalty would be paid to the Mauser brothers for rifles sold.

Norris was convinced that he could sell the design to the French to convert their Chassepot rifles. The Norris-Mauser patent was taken out in the United States. Remington was outraged at the behavior of Norris and never made an effort to sell the new rifle. Based on the Dreyse needle gun, he developed a rifle with a turn-bolt mechanism that cocked the gun as it was manipulated by the user.

The rifle initially used a firing needle; a later version used a firing pin and a rear-ignition cartridge. Norris believed the design could be adapted to convert Chassepot needle guns to fire metallic cartridges.

Shortly thereafter, a partnership was formed in Oberndorf between Norris and the Mauser brothers. The results were impressive and Wilhelm was invited to the arsenal at Spandau.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 36 of Join Date Mar Location west Posts Mauser ES 22 LR. Hello, I am new to this forum. My father recently gave me an old Mauser ES It is in really good shape, the barrel bore is bright and clean. I am trying to find out more about this rifle, date of manufacture and approximate value.

I intend to keep this and pass it along to my son. Attached are a few pictures. Any info on this rifle would be appreciated.

Thank you for resizing your images - now I can see ALL of your rifle without moving next door, I can see that there is some loss of finish to the stock around the wrist and butt, that will inevitably drop the value somewhat. I cannot determine the serial number of this piece - so the date is conjectural, but it is around onwards toward Join Date Dec Location argentina Posts 2, I'm with Tac, nice rifle and most of all complete, that type are prone to get lost and replacing them is an impossible task-Very nice piece, with a good scope the precision is amazing.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I meant "that type of rear sight Thank you for the replies and information about this rifle. Your comment about better precision with a scope interests me. I am going to look into getting some mounts that fit on the grooves over the receiver. Timber, the grooves of you rifle measure 11mm, so that is the type of mount you'll need-If your intention is to keep the rig with alll same epoch items, the mount should be in the line of the one pictured below, generally the maker is AKAH, the scope in this case is a Zeiss Zielklein,could also be an Oigee gnomet,Ajack Klein or Hensoldt Klein Dyalit, all are around 2.

Best tac. Join Date Oct Location off the beaten path in Ky. Posts Looks like its cocked in the pic, you might not want to store it that way. Nice looking rifle of a quality pedigree!Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. Sales Tax: Click here for tax information. We will contact you after the auction to arrange payment and shipping. We take great pride in our packaging process.

We take great care in wrapping, boxing, double boxing Skip To Content Press Enter Catalog Search. Account Login Create a New Account. You have either logged in somewhere else or your session has expired. Please reload the page and login again. Go to Catalog. Got One to Sell? Add To Wish List. Text Reminder.

Open Fullscreen. Item Views. Item Interest. This was a premier Mauser small bore target rifle, used by top German military and civilian shooters. It has a fully adjustable military style, target rear sight calibrated, "" feet, adjustable for windage and elevation with a fixed, inverted "v" style front sight. It has the Mauser factory grooved receiver designed for scope rings. Milled trigger guard with checkering on the bow to aid in off-hand shooting.

Mauser factory walnut stock with a checkered pistol-grip area, finger grooves on the sides with a large circular Mauser banner cartouche on the right side with a black plastic Mauser Banner marked checkered buttplate. All matching serial numbers on the barrel, receiver and underside of the bolt. It has an all blued metal finish with the bolt body remaining in the white from the factory.

The refinished, recheckered stock is a beautiful light honey colored look overall with only a few minor handling marks and a faint Mauser cartouche. Another desirable pre-war Mauser model ES single shot target rifle, produced circa This model was also a favorite of top German shooters as it has a short 60 degree bolt lift with the short stroke bolt movement. Excellent rifle that featured a full length grooved receiver and rear section of the barrel for full sight adjustment. The scope includes its original Hensoldt-Wetzlar marked, one-piece mount, designed specifically for these early target rifles.

Late production model with a two-piece stamped trigger guard with no checkering. Has its original, Mauser factory walnut stock, stamped with a large circular Mauser Banner cartouche on the right side and fitted with a stamped steel Mauser Banner marked buttplate. It has all matching serial numbers on the barrel, receiver and side of the bolt and has an all blued metal finish.

The stock is very good with only a couple minor handling marks with a clear cartouche on the side. It has an excellent bore and would be an accurate early target rifle to take to the range. A great collectors lot of prewar target rifles. Click here to see keyboard shortcuts. Exits full screen view for items. Moves to previous lot, or moves to previous image if full screen view is enabled.

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